adidas nmd for sale,adidas nmd runner for sale have this twelve working methods summarized in three points: the collective leadership and individual responsibility; "piano" and a few chest; "seize" and the meeting.Collective leadership and individual responsibility. Its core content is upholding democratic centralism. Mao not only from the party committee to correctly handle the relationship between the "monitor" with committee members adhere to the principle of collective leadership, also proposed in an internal party committee "put problems on the table," through "exchange information" and other specific methods so that the principle of collective leadership is assured.

"Piano" and the chest with the "Number." adidas nmd for sale,adidas nmd runner for sale with complex work, Comrade Mao Zedong advocated Party committees must learn balanced, he vividly described as "playing the piano." Learn to "play the piano", not only to the hearts of the "spectrum", but also the mind is "Number." How to really grasp the objective situation, so that the mind is "Number"? Investigation is the only correct way to understand the objective things. Mao Zedong in the "Issues Concerning Methods of Leadership," the article pointed out, "together from the masses and to the masses, persevere, to form a correct opinion leaders, which is the basic method of leadership."

"Seize" and the meeting. Promote adidas nmd for sale,adidas nmd runner for sale democracy "seize" an important part of the work and is open all sorts of meetings. Prior to the meeting notice, like the advance notice, so that everybody knows what to discuss and solve any problems, and make early preparations. During the meeting, not scripted, give full play to the role of the participants, so as to give full play to democracy, pool the wisdom of all parties.