January/February 2005
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St. Ostomy?

A Visit From St. Ostomy

By: Marjorie Kaufman

T'was the night before Christmas and all through the flat,
There was general confusion, including the cat.
The bathroom was strewn with the ostomy ware,
That I had abandoned with utter despair

The courage I'd had in the hospital bed,
To follow instructions, has suddenly fled,
It all looked so strange, and uncommonly new,
I swore I would never know quite what to do.

Now which goes to which? And what sticks to what?
I fumbled each step, with my nerves overwrought.
And then in my anguish, I went to my room,
To settle my brains for a night full of gloom.

With a household a flutter in holiday matter,
I shut out the sound of excitement and clatter.
When out in the hallway, I heard from below,
The sound of a voice with a jolly, "Hello!"

As I peeked through the door, up the stairway she came,
And she smiled when she saw me, and called me by name.
And I, in my wonder, just couldn't believe
That ostomy visits were made on Christmas Eve.

And then in a twinkling, she put me at ease,
And said she would lessen my anxieties.
She was dressed in all white, in a form-fitting sheath,
With nary a sign of what lay underneath.

So trim and well-groomed, a delight to behold,
No one would suspect, unless they'd been told,
That standing before me, so calm and serene,
Was the very first ostomate I'd ever seen.

Her manner so friendly, with faith and good cheer,
Soon gave me to know, I had nothing to fear.
My questions, like leaves in a hurricane, flew,
And with each knowing answer, my confidence grew.

Then under her guidance, each part fell in place,
As I conquered the problem I'd just failed to face.
And all of a sudden I knew I was free,
To live just as normal and happy as she

For only an ostomate is really akin,
To the fears and frustrations that lie deep within.
Her time and he friendship so willing to give,
Will keep me remembering as long as I live.

And my family was grateful for what she had done,
For one more the evening was festive and fun.
Now each time I meet her, more clearly I see
The "saint" who came calling with blessings for me!!

SOURCE: Los Ostomy News, Los Angeles, CA, via Ostomy Toronto, December 2004, via Inside Out On-line January/February 2005

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