The Newsletter of The Winnipeg Ostomy Association

Issues of the Winnipeg Ostomy Association's Inside Out are available online by clicking on the issue date below. All issues are available starting with the September 1995 newsletter up until September 2010 in html format. Each issue has it's own hyperlinked article index.

Starting in October 2010, issues are available in PDF format and can be read using the Adobe Reader program which comes with most computers. If you do not have Reader installed, see the 'download Adobe Reader' page at Uncheck the "Yes, install Chrome as my default browser and Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer" box if you do not want to download these programs as well.

An article index of all issues up to September 2010 and beginning again in February 2013 is available on the Inside Out Article Listings page. This page can be searched by using the "Find" feature under "Edit" (top left on Internet Explorer) on your web browser.

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